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Sex FantasiesSex Fantasies

Fantasizing is important aspect of our sexuality. Women and men often think about their secret desires and outline their sexual behavior models. We are dreaming about wild and exiting situations and scenarios and imagine our ideal sex partners. In most cases sex fantasies remain unrealized and some people are even afraid to look deep inside their minds. But there those who enjoy discovering their dirty and wild side, and take their fantasies to the whole new level.

Not only sex is one of the biggest joys of our life and a powerful physical and mental stimulus. It is also sophisticated and infinite art. Get to know yourself, talk about your fantasies, and perhaps you'll see that you are ready to fulfil them.

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Female sabrina, 24

i want my bf 2 just come and bang the shit out of me. I\'m sooo horny. I want me and hime to be be laying on the bed and then he\'d slowly begin to kiss me on the neck. Then he\'d satrt kissing me. He'd tear my clothes off and begin sucking hard on my nipples until they 
become hard and i can't take it. Then i would rip his clothes off and begin sucking on his 
dick. He would shove his fingers up my pussy and make me cum hard and then he\'d stick 
his hard dick in my ass and give me the fuckin of a life time. Then he\'d stick it in mt pussy 
and begin bangin while he whispers the dirtiest sayings in my ears. While i'm still naked, 
he\'d swirl some whip cream on my nipples and nastily lick them off. I would return him the 
favour and do the same with his rock solid dick. YUMMY!! :D

Monica, 18 | email

A man and a women having sex infront of me! 
I get soooo wet and then i jump in with both of them sucking my pussy and i can\'t scream 
or moan cause it\'s too blody good! 
I can\'t last! 
I\'m masterbating right now with my computer on Youtube watching slutty whores making 
My bf is watching me getting hard and pleading me for sex! 

Reggie, 38

my bf is very conservative and I could never tell him that I want to watch him eat another 
girls pussy. I want to watch him lick her tits and rub on her throbing clit and that I want to 
join him. I want to taste another girls pussy so bad that just thinking about it is getting me 
wet. I want him to watch while we eat each others pussy. Then, I want her to eat my pussy 
while he is fucking her hard from behind. I want to eat her pussy while he fucks me from 
behind as well. I need watch her ride his big hard cock while I play with my wet pussy and 
when I\\\'m about to cum I need him to just fuck me so hard that I can\\\'t think of anything 
I wish there was a way to tell him with out him freaking out.

Jess, 19

I want to suck my bfs cock while he licks my sweet pussy then I want him to hold me up against the wall and fuck me with his rock hard dick I\'m so horny right now and can\'t wait for his dick to be doing what my vibrators doing right now

Sara, 22

i am madly in love with my boyfriend and the sex is still amazing! but recently ive been fantasising of a three some with a girl and all his friends watching i wanna tease him, i wanna suck on her tits and rub her wet pussy. she\'ll throw me on to the bed and tear my clothes of. his dick will be rock hard and he\'ll be dying to fuck us! his friends are lso guna wank over us i wanna sit on his lap while she sucks my wet pussy, then he\'ll get his cock out and that dirty bitch will lick his dick and my pussy im so wet just thinking about it

Pia, 20

I had a dream that me and a latin girl were sensually licking the pussy of a tiny asian girl, while we rub our clits and grasp each others breasts. We would all get so soaking wet and horny from hearing each other moan. Licking that small asian pussy hole would be so sweet. She\'s so inexperienced like me but we\'re both wanting to be touched by a moist wet female tongue. The latin girl will be rubbing her pussy as she\'s dripping. Her clit would be throbbing with pleasure. I\'m finger fucking myself, wishing for someone bigger to come in side me. Like the big latin girl...she will finger fuck me and the asian girl with her two hands and show us what cuming fast should feel like. I want us all to take turns fucking and licking each other for hours and hours until our thighs tremble.

Star, 19

\\\'ve always dreamed of having my guy first get me naked slowly in his arms, and whisper the dirtiest things into my ear. then while kissing my neck he\\\'ll start fingering my wet pussy and then sucking and licking my nipples. then he\\\'d push me against a wall a kiss me hard and deep with lots of tongue. then he\\\'d bend me over and spank me hard then spread my big juicy pussy lips with his fingers and put his long hard dick inside of me slowly first, teasing me, then go deep inside until his hard juicy dick is all the way inside, as deep as he can go . then he\\\'d bang me hard and fast saying nasty things to me as i moan with so much pleasure. then i\\\'d take him out of me and suck on his cock until he cums all that juicy cum all over my face. then i\\\'d tease him and get his dick hard again, as hard as a rock and give it a couple of sucks, then lay him down on the bed, and sit on his face as he licks my juicy wet pussy all over, sucking on my clit and tonguing my yummy pussy. then i\\\'d ride his hard dick nice and fast as he grabs my big juicy ass and takes my big jugs in his mouth and sucks and licks on my nipples. i\\\'d fuck him so good and so hard.

Jack, 24

I want my gf to wear a sexy fishnet and tie me up and suck my dick then untie me then I will grab her and bang her from behind and get her hot friends and all fuck me o my gosh I\'m so hornyyy and masturbating

Dianna, 27

My boyfriend knows that I love being shared. I love having multipe hard dicks inside my 
pretty pink pussy but I\'m only shared with the same people that enjoy the same things that 
we do. I want him to share me with his friends I just want them to be hanging out and I 
come in and be the sexy hostess that I am, white tight buttoned up thin see through blouse 
tight black shorts and I want them to see my breast and I want to taste all their cum. How do 
I convince my bf to share me with his friends? Please I\'m so horny I\'m going to burst.

Alli, 43

I've never been with a girl before and one time I met this guy and he talked about having a 
threesome. Well the more he talked about it, the more i wanted to know what it was like to 
be with a girl. I started watching more videos with women in them. I found myself getting 
really wet. I would start playing with myself and cumming all over the place. But one other 
thing to add to all this. I love to be watched. I love for other people to watch me, but I\'ve 
never had a partner that would do this. All this leads to my fantasy. 
I want to have another woman and I to start kissing and touching each other, Touching and 
sucking on each others breasts, while taking turns fingering each others pussys. Then I 
want to lay her on the bed and start licking her pussy. Suck on her clit and finger her pussy 
at the same time. Sticking my tongue into her pussy also. But, there will be man in the 
romm watching us. He gets so turned on that he begins to finger me from behind as I am 
playing with her pussy. The he discovers how wet my pussy is and sticks his hard cock 
into me and begins to fuck me while I\'m turning her on. Her and I switch off and she plays 
with my pussy and he fucks her at the same time. Then he bends us both over and fucks 
us both, back and forth switching off. First me then her. Then we get in a circle laying on 
the bed and begin to devour each other. When all this starts to come to a close he has us 
get on our kness as he cums all over both our faces. (I want her to have big breasts like 
me, size D)

ani, 21

well i just turned 21 and i want this fucken hot guy at work to take me away to a place where 
we can be alone and i want him to tie my hands with his tie and hold me down and kiss 
around my pussy and slowly getting closer and then he slips his tongue into my pussy and 
he would finger me too then when he is doing that i would get my hands free and i would 
turn my body around so when he is sucking on my pussy i would be sucking and licking his 
dick then i would lick from the tip of his penis all the way down to his balls. then he would 
push me off of him and he would open my legs and he would tease me and barely slip into 
my pussy then he would take his penis out then unexpectedly he would just slide his penis 
in and fuck me so freaken hard that it feels like my pussy is about to break and he will hit 
my g spot and make me so weak but then i would turn it around and ride him as he slaps 
my ass and i fucken make him moan my name. later he would then fuck me on all fours in 
my ass as he fingers me. fuck i want him to fuck me so bad i am willing to do sexy naughty 
dirty games with him

Lisa, 29

I fantasize about being eaten out by an older experienced man who is so skilled in licking my pussy that he can make me cum over and over again non stop while fucking me in between. And I want him to tell me how amazing my pussy tastes and how he wants to enslave it for his own pleasure. Love it.

Me, 32

I imagine two hot, nasty, slim asian girls...a couple of twins or just very similar girls... they tie me up and start playing with me... They are dressed in communist north corean military uniform... just tops and hats... and large sexy booths... they both have strapped black dildos on them. They torture me, beat me, bite me... and kiss each other... then, they put hot massage oil all over my body but they purposely ignore my hard and pulsating cock. They keep doing it until I can't take any longer... And then, they put some hot oil on their dildos and one of them touches my hips and begins to rub the dildo across my ass. slowly... up and down... All three of us are moaning... One of the girls slowly enters my ass and at the same time, the second one starts to suck my cock...

annonymous, 20

i want to have my boyfriend come home and pin me against the wall and just start kissing me passionatly and then kiss and bite my neck as he undresses me, carry me upstairs and throw me on the bed. then i want him to handcuff me to the bed and turn me on as much as possible till i think i can't take it anymore and finger my tight hole and stop just before im about to cum till im begging him to fuck me. then i want him to untie me so i can fuck him so hard and suck all my juices off his cock till he moans and his warm cum is all over my tits and stomach. ah im so fucking horny thinking about it...

sara, 21

I want every hole in my body filled with a cock! Any taker?

alicia, 23

I want a 4some, me and 3 men. One in my ass, pussy and mouth. I want to cum on all their cocks. Lick, suck, FUCK!!!! everything...Oh and nice thick long cocks

kamykamy, 38 | email

my husband is so hot - we like doing 69... he loves sucking my pussy... both with his tongue and fingers exploring and exploding my g-spot.....aaaaaaaaaa 

oh baby then he turns me around sucking and eating my tits - i have big tits and he is always at them... fiddling them playing with them flicking and rubbing them till they stand erect.... n im playing his cock... he is soooo rock hard god - i take him deep in my 
mouth.... and he sees me in the mirror with my mouth fulll... he keeps pushing it in then throws me on the bed and i just take it in my cunt that is so hot from desire - he knows how to fuck me. he loves cuming on my tits - they are always standing out and dripping with his juices - when he cums he screams my name pushing in me harder and harder - pouring every drop on my tits, inside me in my mouth - theres so much juice.... god i hate it when he is travelling but when he is back - we dont get out of bed for the whole weekend... all he sees is my hole and is horny i love reading his dirty mail

Dirtybitchbex, 18 | email

I want a tall, dark, strong, muscular, big dick guy to walk into my house and pin me against a wall with my back to him. I want him to rip all my clothes off and fuck me sooooo hard that a scream and squirt all over his throbbing dick. Then i'll bend down and suck my juices off his dick and swallow all his cum

cin, 35

i want a hard cock in my pussy and ass then i want another woman licking my pussy while i am being fucked then take my vibrator and fuck me in the ass i am so wet right now i am going to fuck my pussy with my vibrator and cum multiple times

chris, 18

I want to Fuck a girl so hard she can scream my name is 3 diffrent types of launguges . and out the top of her lungs . telling me how im hiting her g spot . licking her clit sucking the juice out of her pussy . then i want her to suck my dick and let her swollow my cum down her troat . then fuck from the kitchen to the washermachine to the shower to the bad to the coach then if i get her horney in a reterant ill fuck her in the bathroom . thats a real woman . ;)

Amy, 20

I want my boyfriend to fuck me hard in my tight ass hole then fuck myself in the cunt with my vibrator and scream out load as i cum. Also i want to lick another womans cunt and feel her wet pussy lips with my mouth. omg i am wet just thinking sbout it

Helena, 25 | email

I like giving blow jobs. infact i love it! i love when my boyfriend moans while im sucking his big cock. when he fucks me from behind really hard and then we move to the window and open the curtains. i like the thought of us being caught by our neighbours... i love sex on a chair, me straddling him. oh its so good. cant wait til he gets home from work...

Mike, 26

I pin you to the wall biting your lips, while undressing you. I take my dick and slowly rub it between your legs, making you want it more. Then bite your nipples, then turn you around and smack your ass till you scream my name. The i stick my dick in your ass, and make hardcore sex, while you moan ill finger you and lick your pussy, then cum all over your stomach.

Amy, 28

Walking in on a guy sleeping, and tie him to the bed and blind fold him.... Running my lips all over his body... Taking his hard cock in my mouth till I feel him about to cum down my throat then slide up his body till I feel the head of his cock at my pussy lips

sally, 35

i think about him pulling my nipples while fucking me. His cock pounding my pussy while pulling my nipples. Then one hand rubbing my clit with one hand while fucking me from behind. When I come, he's fucking me from behind while pulling on my nipples.

I also like to watch fuck videos of guys worshipping nipples. Makes me wet and come every time. I want to come now just thinking about a huge cock fucking me and someone else fucking on my nipples.

Femaleallison, 18

i want a sexy guy with a HUGE dick to come and fuck me in the vagina so hard that i cant move i can only scream. and while he does that i want another guy just like him to fuck me in the ass. and at the same time i want to suck another mans dick and give him an amazing blow job. then i want them to all do what ever they want to me and give me such an amazing orgasm i wont ever want to stop. oh yeah baby now im masturbating at my laptop with a vibrator. oh baby fuck me hard.

Anonymous, x

getting analised outside in the garden. Screaming

Chris, 20

I imagine my huge uncut boner is tinggling rapidly ready to explode into a moist pussy hole, I really don't care if its with a friend or if its with some one I know, id rather have a mature and classey mother laid out with her legs wrapped around me and her warmth helping ,y cum to surface rapidly, man I\\\'m horney.

Anonymous, 18

I want two guys to fight over who gets to fuck my virgin pussy. Being the fair girl that I am, I don\'t want the conflict to escalate so I let them plow my pussy at the same time. Then those two huge thick cocks come inside my wet
juicy cunt, giving me one hell of a nasty cream pie dripping all over.

Erika, 22

i kindov like guys and girls and wen i think ov getin fukd my nipples go hard and feel like i\'m going to cum. I have a fantasy of sucking my friends nipples and she moans and groans while im getin fukd by a man and then she suks me out clean while i cum. wow i am actuali getin wet. At da moment i am naked wit my gilfriend sharing a dildo wit me. i hav a tyt pussy and medium boobs dats wat she lyks abwt me

gsmith, 20 | email

ive been seenin this guy for awhile and we went afew weeks without seein eachother. made both of us mad crazy about seein eachother. dirty pics txts :) is was great. then finally whne we got to his place he juss
owned me, but was still sweet about it. listenin to him and feelin his body tight to mine,feelin safe and cared
about..ah... nothing hotter is my books xo

Anonimous, 26

I saw a porn video where a girl had sex with a big teddy bear. That was pretty intense, and now I really, really want my gf to do this and I wanna watch how she does it (she has a very similar teddy bear). I didn't tell her yet (she's a good little girl and pretty shy) as I want it to be a little surprise.. I am thinking that one night we will enter her bedroom and she'll notice her big teddy bear with a big black dildo attached to it. I can see how she gives me this special look of hers that instantly makes me hard. I will turn the music on and relax on the couch. My gf will slowly undress herself until she's wearing nothing but her army boots and a bra. And then I will see the action! Thinking and writing about it makes me so damn horny!

Female Inga, 22

My boyfriend is very jealous guy. I like him, etc. We have pretty good sex together. He is tender and respectful but his jealousy makes me want to do different things to him so to speak. I wish one day I tie him up so that he lies on the bed and can’t move. Then I call two of my male friends, they come over and fuck me in front of my boyfriend’s eyes. I want him to see my wild side that he was never able to reveal! I want him to see the way I am becoming a fucking animal and how I enjoy to be fucked by these two guys. I want to look into his eyes when he sees these cocks entering the little hole of mine… the little hole he used to kiss with the tender words of love…

Male Peter, 22

I want to f@@k my mom’s friend. I am 22 and she is around 40, like my mom. Young girls are fine but this lady is something special. She is so elegant, so damn erotic and hot. The ways she looks at me drives me nuts. Sometimes she looks right into my eyes and then slowly undresses me in her mind. I can see how her lips are moving in a speechless moaning. She has the best ass I have ever seen. And I bloody want this ass!

Female Lisa, 30

I imagine that I have a twin sister. She would have exactly the same perfect body as I do, the same drive… the same eyes, the same sweet little butt, the same everything… I would do thing to her no man ever did to me. It sounds weird but this is how I want to fcuk myself and to get fucked by myself.

Erica, 19

I want a black guy. One of those huge, chocolate, muscular men I keep seeing in porn videos. Oh, I can’t stop thinking how I would suck this royal dick with a large head! Right now I’m seating in front of my laptop and masturbating )))

Lion, 27

I want to switch bodies with my girlfriend. I would do nothing but flirt with guys. I would only wear her sexiest clothes…

Female Taly, 25

Although I am quite an open minded girl, I never had chance to have sex with two men. I keep imagining holding two thick, pulsating dicks at the same. I don't know why but the idea of doing it drives me crazy.

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