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Pick up is one of the most important stages in any sex relationships. For some people pickup is just the way to meet new people. For others it's an exiting and utterly passionate game. There are men and women who think about pickup in terms of sport or even hunting. These people prefer short relationships over long ones as they constantly need to "update their sex portfolio" while "feeding their ego and self-esteem". Let's take a look at the world with this kind of attitude and think: What can be better than the taste of new lips, the new exploration, this love journey, the new challenge... and most of all... this desire that you have provoked using your body, your charm and your skills. Nobody else but you did it!

How many times you noticed someone special, someone you really wanted and you let this person go away just because you didn't know how to behave and you couldn't find the right words... Did it just happen last week or even yesterday? If the answer is yes, you are one of those who understands and enjoys this excitement but needs a little bit more experience and understanding how these things work...

Most people are insecure and hesitant, which become especially obvious when it comes to picking up someone they like. "Pickup experts" perform it easily and have a lot of fun doing it. Most of us however are somewhere in the middle. We know the basics but there are still things to learn and try... Pickup is an art. It is based on sex drive, psychology and the ability to market yourself. Your creativity is the key factor but at the same time there are specific rules that will help you understanding inter sexual communication...

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Tiger, 34
Hey ppl ))) Here's my favorite pickup line... Once I met an amazing girl. One of those who make you forget everything. I smiled and started talking to her. Everything was cool but I didn't know how to ask for her phone #. We were on a bus and she could get off any minute. So guess what I did guys. I gave her my cell phone and I said: "I'll call you tonight." As soon as I said it, I got off the bus. I didn't let her react. Otherwise she would give me back my phone. A few hours later I called her and I met her the same night. She was amazed, and I was in love... I used this line over and over again and it works perfectly. The only difference is that I bought another phone, specifically for this purpose.

Male Antony T, 21
When I see a hot chick I tell her shit like - I've got the most amazing ass in the world etc. Most girls don't like that. Than a minute later I approach her again but this time I am totally different. I tell -I am sorry to bother you twice but I had to make sure you are a good girl. The result of my little test couldn't be better. Most girls start laughing.

Male Hugo, 27
Last summer a friend of mine showed me the coolest way to get any girl's number. Here's what you do. You come over to her with your cell phone. You say < Excuse me, but my cell phone just died. Can I please use your cell phone to make a call?> When she gives you her phone, you call your own cell and her number stays in your cell's memory! Don't forget to switch your cell to silent mode. Or you may prefer to keep it loud. As you wish. Good luck!

Male XXX, 24
You smell so delicious. May I bite you? Girls are very sensitive about the way they smell. Your comment will be more than appreciated. On top of that, most men comment on a female's look. Being different raises your chances.

Male TT, 32
I had many women in my life but every f***g time I want to get another girl feels like the first time. When I see a hot girl my legs and arms start shaking. I don't feel my body and I can hardly walk. I feel like im a teenager again. I figured that there is no universal pickup line. You need to feel the energy of the particular person you are dealing with and find the best words and the most appropriate behavior...

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