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First Time Sex Stories

Male Maksody, 22 | email

I left my home for higher study in Capital city. I lived in male hostel. This summer I came home on vacation. For the first I felt lucky to see a beautiful maid in her teenage, newly employed. I planned to have her. First evening, after dinner I gave her a probing signal with eyes and she accepted silently, as I could figure out. At midnight I was hot. I sneaked into her bedroom and I made her grab my erected cock in her hand. She pretended asleep and kept holding my hot stuff. I started to undress her. She didn\\\'t move. I got inpired and started to fondle her perfect boobs, I quickly reached for her cunt. I felt her warn and wet pussy slit. It took no time to make her breath heavy. I aligned my hot cock and pushed inside her. Her pussy was wet enough and I gained full penetration without any resistance. It seemed she was mentally ready to take me. She started to moan and grabbed me with her full lenght of arms and legs around me entwine. I started fucking a fresh juicy cunt. Her juice started to overflow. I wanted to eat her pussy juice, so I went for 69 position. She licked my cock to her own juice and I kept licking her pussy untin I sucked her pussy dry. She came once with orgasm as I also licked her clit. Them I took her on me and fucked her hard and enjoyed her bouncing boobs. Then she insisted to lay flay and fuck her from top. I changed position and started to pump from top. She came once again so hard that she almost squirted with sweet pussy juice. I couldn\\\'t hold me antmore. I pulled out my hot stuff exploded with my powerful cumshot all over her body. Whole night I fucked her several timed and the whole vacation I fucked her every night. I enjoyed summer vacation with first time sex experience with a beautiful teenage maid.

Addison nevans, 20

So I was in a fashion show once and my boyfriend Nathan maerz was there as I was walking on the runway he gave me this look and I glanced back the next thing I know is I\'m at his apartment door and he gave me the look again so I threw my tounge on his mouth and started making out. Were both making these sex sighed as were making out then I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist he somehow opens his unlocked door and he walks over to his bed with me still on him and still making out. Then I ripp off my shirt and
skirt. Now wereboth naked to the bone he opens my leg and starts sucking my vagina. Ahhhh it felt so f****** good. Then after that I grab his cock and starts sucking it. He has sooooooo much cum in his penis. Then we start making out again and I\'m on the bottom. Then he is humping me faster than I can imagine. Oh he is also very flexible. When he was humping I was grabbing that side of the bed. It felt so fucking good. See I was warn out. The
next day he proposed to me and I\'m now pregnant with christina amanda maerz in my belly!!!

Kitten, 18

I did it recently. The thing is that it wasn't for real. I sucked and we did it from behind and I didn't give up my virginity. I will keep for the one I love. I was also affraid of pain and blood. Most of my frieds did it the same way for the first time. I like this guy. I think we will do it on a regular basis. I see his girlfriend at scholl like every day and she doesn't know lol.

MaleAnonimous, 19

I did it! Now I am the man :))) Hey it was just like in porn videos. In the bathroom, on the floor, on the bed. All styles, all poses. Amazing. She can't be with me, but we will see each other.

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