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Gay Sex Stories

Fredrick, 24
I have fantasys all the time about this guy Jo. We met at a flee market public shower at 3 in the morning 4/07. We were the only ones in the building at that late hour he just stood and looked at me as we both felt kind Of awkward like, okay now we are gonna see each others bodys. He pulled his jeans off and I noticed that his huge cock was sticking up and throbbing red. I promptly locked the main door. He squirted off verry hard when I pulled my buns out. I took some hand lotion out of my shower bag and put it on his tight ass hole he and I were verry sweaty on account that he put all 12 of the showers on hot to 
steam the room up really steamy. He bent me over a bench and fucked me hard for hours. We traded off frequently. He shot spunk in me seven times I didn\'t bother to object because that meaty hard hammer got me off so good. We spanked verry hard. We would just jerk off to each other. He sucked my sack good and hard. We never told names or even said anything except( moans) and (harder?)s. I\'ve never told anyone this or even searched this guy again. I\'ll always remember this as the most erotic sex I ever had.

Simon, 32
Eric, I know that most likely you will never read this letter but I have to write it. I don't know why... Probably because nothing in my life touched me so deep. I cannot forget your beautiful and sad eyes. This rare dark green color... I cannot forget the perfect lines of your body... your adorable skin, your tender smell. The way you laugh, the way you smile, your carnal and so desirable lips... I never spoke to you about my feelings... your wife is always around, but when you looked at me I was 100 percent positive that you understand everything. When you left I kept imagining how I touch your body. Your fine arms, your beautiful back and your little tight butt. Your energy changes me. When you so close I am becoming a whole new person. I am happy that you exist...

Male Andrei, 27
I am straight and I never tried making out with other men... but as far as I remember I always kept asking myself whether I am attracted to guys or not. It wasn't a big question ( I am quite excited about girls) until the moment when I realized the sensitivity of my anus. A few months ago my girlfriend talked me into trying out strap on sex. I couldn't imagine it's that great. I felt so helpless and weak while being f*cked and tortured. In fact nothing ever made me so hard. It took my orgasms to a new level. We did it every week and suddenly I realised that insted of a silicon dildo iI keep thinking about a real hot and pulsating cock.

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