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Male kay, 19 | email
I was out and we went to a party a girl and a guy he wanted me but i didnt so i told the girl to go drive away
and we left me and her ended up drinking and taking shots we went to our friends house and it was 3 am
and we were in her bed and my friend took off with her bf and me and this girl stayed i was going to sleep
when i felt my belt come off and my jeans she slowly put her hand down my thong and started to rub my pussy slowly I guess i was nervous but went with the flow then she fingered me and I started moaning and breathing hard. she then kissed me and licked my neck then my breast and sucked on my nipples she stared to go down on me and she did she ate me out i was in heaven then i just went for it licked her wet pussy and we had the longest night and fingering and kissing and licking..... it was my first time with a female and it was great i think every girl should try it with a female..

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