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Male Danny, 27
My name is Danny. (If somebody I know is reading this, they will for sure recognize me LOL) Anyways, I never had a firlfriend for more than 2 weeks. Im handsome, work out 4 times a week, travel at least once a month due to my job, so I like meeting new girls. Why I do this? Well, I get bored easily. I constantly need new impressions. I am a hunter :) and I enjoy fighting for what I want. As soon as I have sex with a girl I picked up I quickly loose my interest. I need new energy, new lips, new body shape, new taste (you know what Im talking about) Believe it or not but the most exciting moment for me is not even sex. It's the first kiss. Ive got a feling that quite a few girls Ive been with feel the same way.

Female Pat L , 30
I am a Gemini and perhaps it explains my double personality. People who know me will tell you that I am an amazing wife, a good mother and a perfect coworker. But these people do not have a clue about what's happening when they don't see me. I'll tell you what's happening =) I go to other towns... and there I go to the nastiest bars. I pick up young and horny guys who are ten years younger then me. I bring them to motels and there I do things that never happen in our cozy bedroom. Oh I wish my husband saw me. I wish he saw what all these teenagers do to his "faithful" wife =). I wish he saw how I suck these innocent and hard cocks and how I swallow their hot cum. When It's all over I change and I come back to my ordinary life. I often smile and noone understands why.

P. S. Pat is my real name =)

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