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Female Seinnai, 25 | email
I get fucked by my bf so much! And it never hurts! But last night we had arse sex for the first time! AND IT WAS BLISS! 
I couldn't stop cumming, or screaming! He was sooo big and thick! 
I couldn't take it all, but he forced it in and i loved it! 

Sophie, 18

Well I've been with my boyfriend for two years now and I\\\'m crazier for him than ever!he loves the fact that I\\\'m a blonde size 8, 5\\\'1, and I love the fact he\\\'s six foot with a massive strong handsome build... Recentley we\\\'ve gotten addicted to sneaky outdoor sex and I frigging love it...not so long ago he picked me up from the train station to go over his house as we hadn't seen eachother in ages. We took a shortcut through the park, and walking hand in hand through the forest area I realized how alone we were...he just looked at me with lust in his eyes, but he looks around to make sure we were completely alone. But all of a sudden I couldn't take it anymor...kissing him passionatley I ran him up against a tree and grabbing my breasts I heard him groan through our kisses. He breathed heavely and gripped my waist tight, but then paused. "...it's too open here. Take me somewhere." and even the way he whispered turned me on, so seeing this little abandoned shed thing I grabbedhis hand and lead him there. He pushed ME against the shed and kissed me fuiriouslg as my thigh road up his leg and I could feel how increadibly hard he was against my skirt. I looked down and gasped to see his huge hard dick sticking out of his trousers and instantly lent down and began to slowly lick up and down his shaft whilst looking up at him with my big blue eyes and he moaned so loud. I took him deeper and deeper in my mouth untill he picked me up and span me around, adrenaline rushing ibour bodies...we could be caught any moment and I loved that. He furiously dragged his strong hands down the curve of my back and pulls my hair back to kiss m neck and I was getting loud..he slipped his ha d under my skirt and gasped at how soaking I was, then let out a dirty little laugh in my ear. He rubbed his still-soaking dick on my dripping pussy and I maned, untill he thrusts one deep thrust into me and I let out a shocked squeal of delight as I feel his smooth, thick dick inside me and he slammed deeper and harder and then having to cover my mouth ad I got louder and louder...I felt both his at a tightly wrap around my waste and he got deeper and deeper, and I moaned and gasped with total pleasure. Then I could feel the pressure build up as I whimpered 'I'm gonna come..\\\" he covered my mouth just in time as I shook and tensed as the luscious intensity ran through me. Then as his breath got heavier, HE whispered, "Jesus, im gonna come..." suddenly he slowly pulled his soaked dick from my moist pussy as I breathlessly got down on my knees and eagerly stuck my Tongue out, looking up at him with big innocent eyes. I felt him tense as his thick White cum shock out from him, landing on my Tongue, some dripping down my chin...and THAT was SO freaking hot, and after that luscious incident w\\\'re addicted to our special outdoor activities...

Sarah, 18

So here\'s the thing i\'ve been in a relationship for three years, and man my ex had the 
biggest cock ever. I would ride him so hard for hours, but now that we have broken up sex 
is so much more adventurous. I\'m young and havin fun for once! And man is it nice to have 
other men inside you doing new things!

Carol, 32

I'm 32 married but not sexually satisfied.My ex is big(you know what I mean)he used to fuck 
me so hard and make me scream over and over again, I cant stop thinking about him.I 
would like to take him to bed but I dont want to hurt my husband.My only problem with my ex 
though he won\\\'t commit.I love his cock though.when I think about him I just get wet.Would 
like to let him know.

jack 2343, 28

my story is about a year ago i planed on going to camp with my brother and his wife and my ex gf and a few others well the night befor we go me and her were in the living room one fold out sofa and its about 3 in the morning and we start talking dirty like just out of the blue i just blurt out lets fuck and i thought she was trying to mess with me with the dirty talk but the next thing i knew she was on top of me and then leans down and starts to suck me off and then im hard as fuck and so she climed on and we did that for a min and then we started with the kinkie stuff like biteing she loved it win i nibbled on her nippels and on her clit she bit my chest till i had a bruse almost 5 times and so she was on her back with her leg on my sholder and im going then out of no were she leans up grabes my shoulders and pulled me down now shes skinny not that strong and im 175 pounds of mostly mussle but then in the missionary position and shes clawing the hell out of my back and im giting off like a mother fucker shes moaning loud and then im trying to tell her to try to be not as loud and she tryed and then i nuted all over her boobs stomach and a little on her face we got up and she wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth and eaton it it was very sexy and very funn we started agin later and y brother came out told us to chill or git the fuck out his house haha

Donal, 40

I couldn't believe my ears, i was standing at the bar in the night club and this woman, aged late 30s came up and said her friend wants to know if i would stic my cock up her arse. at first i told her i was not intrested as i was in a serious relationship. About 20 mins later i end up going to the gents, as i get my cock out for a piss this hand reaches round and grabs hold, i turn to see the girl at the bar holding my cock, next thing she is dragging me into the cubical, bending over the cistern and pulling her black thong from the crack of her arse. Come on bastard shove the fucker in, she hissed, by now i am as hard as a rock and slip stright into her tight arse, she reaches underneath and squeezes my sack, thrust back on to my waiting dick, we are going at it like animals, me pulling her hair and her scratching my thighs, after a few moments she suddenly slips my cock out of her arse, swivels in one quick movent and sits on the toilet seat, she leans forwards and sucks my cock into her mouth, i warn her I wont last much longer, she removes me from her mouth and wanks me furiously, telling me to make sure i tell her when i am about to shoot, as the tension in my sack builds up i warn her of the pending results, again she turns her back on me and orders me to stick it in her arse, grabbing her hips i trust forwards and bury myself upto my balls, half a dozen thrust later i feel the spunk traveling the lenght on my shaft and erupting in her arse. as soon as i am done she flicks her thong back into the crack of her arse, adjusts her mini skirt, turns and leaves the cubical. later that night as i climb in the taxi home the same woman jumps in next to me, as we pull off she climbs onto my knee, i let my hand wander to her arse, pulling the material from her crack i scoop some up and rub in over her bald hot cunt lips, she kisses me deeply berfore say, you'll regret that honey, cause once the baby sitter has gone you going to have to lick all of it clean, its at that moment that i remember why i married her.

Bree, 18

So I was on a business trip out of the country, gone for three months. On my way back, I sat in a four seated row in the middle of the plane where it was me on one end and a very attractive english man on the other end. The two seats between us were empty. About three hours into the flight, we were sitting side by side playing video games. We had a bet going about who would win the game, and I was losing! So in a desperate chase to win, I told him I was going to distract him, and if he wanted me to stop, he had better tell me now. And he just said okay. So I nibbledbon his ear and gently rubbed his package. Then climbed on top of him and started passionately making out with him until he dropped his controller. Thankfully, it was abvery long flight and it was red eye so lots of people were sleeping. We had sex in our seats then moved into the small bathroom where I sucked his hard cock, 
he ate my tight warm wet pussy, and then he bent me over and fucked me hard, then lifted me up and I wraped my legs around his hard body and he fucked me again until he exploded with cum. We walked out as if nothing had happened, and then we wentband took a nap for the remainder of the flight. It was classic. I'm only 18 and I've already joined the mile high club... Can't wait to see what else life holds... :D

Michelle , 38

I just had some really great anal with my husband. He really gets off me tugging hard on my nipples, pulling as far as I can pull them and twisting at the same time, while he\'s up to his balls in my tight asshole. He got so excited he really pounded my ass hard. Anyone else want to share?

jess , 33 | email

I accepted a dare from a friend to go into an adult bookstore by myself and see the movie in the auditorium. Well to start, I am a tall, blonde very hot bodied woman, who gets lots of looks, but most men are afraid to ask out. So I go in and sit on one of the couches. There are already several men in the room masturbating and watching porn. About 30 minutes into the film, I am soaking wet and none of the men have approached me yet. So I stick my hand down my jeans and begin to play. That seemed to be the key to open the door, because this one older man asked me if this seat was taken. So I asked him to sitdown.

He begins by touching my breast over my sweater and then 4 other men came over and sat and stood all around me with their hard cocks out staring at me in the face. The first man unbuttoned my pants and I just couldn't take it anymore, I was about to explode. I ripped my jeans off, and guy #1 kneeled between my legs and began to eat my sweet pussy.

By this time all of the other men were so wanting to be where guy #1 was. I had my left hand around another mans hard cock who had taken a seat beside me by now. The others were fondling my breasts and the hair on my pussy as guy #1 ate. I came so hard that I squirted the guy eating my pussy. He was so gracious though, and ate every last drop.

As I came, the others came first the one in my hand, then the others gathered around me, all over my face
and breasts.

I left that day feeling like a goddess.

terri , 32

i am in love with another man we met online. he messaged me one day and of corse he\\\'s from my home town. I have 2 kids, and have been with my husband for 12 yrs now and he has been with his girlfriend 12 years. this guy came home and we met at his hotel room and it was the best damn 6 hrs of my life. We have been texting and emailing and having phone sex since jan 09...im in love with him and want him. i really want him. But i dont know if he wants me...: ( i put it all out for him...i asked him a few questions...and he wont answer...really hurting me....why am i feeling so much pain

Theresa , 22

I like random, wild and spontaneus sex. I've been with many men and I think that regular, planned and expected sex with the partner you know for years is kind of boaring. I actually never tried it cause since high school I always used to date a number of men at the same time. I used to call it my "sex crew ". At some point I noticed that I tend to go over the same pattern. One of my dates is always a shugar daddy, the one who pays the bills. Intelligent, sucessful and hansome man in his forties or fifties. It's all about vacations, fine dining with a nice conversation and other beautiful moments of life... Another one is all about raw sex. It's a tall, muscular, spanish type. A few more are just friends and whatever happens between us is rather random and ocational.

Last summer I was on my way to Spain where my shugar daddy was expecting me. My boyfriend Ronaldo brought me to the airport... To be continued tomorrow )))

FemaleCaroline, 29

I don’t know what to do. I have a normal family… my husband and a 5 years old son. But… I met this other man. He is younger. He is different. At this very moment, while I’m writing this story, I want him badly! We met a week ago online. I wasn’t even looking for anyone… Anyways now I’ve split. I am with my family, I see my husband playing with our son, and I am happy, but the real me is there, with him… when his cock inside me.

Male Zakh, 34
This is a really short story, guys. Rather a statement, actually :) Anyways, every time I argue with my wife, I keep quiet. I show her my cock and as soon as she sees it, she shuts up, falls on her knees and starts sucking it.

Female Nataly, 18
its 5 am and i cannot sleep. im seating and writing this stupid story. guess wha... im in love. as simple as that. its wheird. i f... Chris and i am in love with Jason! when im with chris,even during the best orgasm ever i cant stop imagining Jason. i want to have them both and i don't know what to do













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